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What's Your Rate?

How can we shift the focus from rate to product? Learn the importance of Product First, Price Second. The reason for this strategy: "That it really doesn't matter what our rates are, if the customer gets the wrong product, any rate they get is bad."


What's Your Best Rate?

Find ways to deal with customers who want to put price/rate issues so quickly in the sales process. A look at the Buyers Plan vs. the Sellers Plan and how to put product before price.


What's the Plan?

Review some ideas on making outgoing calls more effective and design a script to assist them in making those calls.


What's Our Story?

In a competitive market with so many choices and options often the deciding factor comes down to where the customer feels most comfortable. Where do they feel good about the people and the company? Who do they trust?


What's New?

Our customers' lives are constantly changing. Professional sales and service means being responsive to these changes and looking for opportunities to help.