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Sales Meeting Express

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Fear Factor

Tap into the group’s experience to share ideas on overcoming fears associated with selling.

Materials:  Flip chart & markers; COACHING NOTES
Time Needed: 22 Minutes


Effective Internal Referrals

Group discussion on internal referrals. How we can make them more effective by identifying client needs and present the referral as the best way to address the clients needs.

Materials:  Flip Chart Paper, Markers.
Time Needed: 20 - 25 Minutes
SME 0603-01


Why Ask for the Sale

Help your team see the importance of asking for the sale and understand why they are not asking for the sale (if that is the case) and share ideas on how to get better at asking.


Whew! RRSP Season is over! Or is it?

Starting Sales conversations after the RRSP season and taking advantage even though the season has passed you still have a few weeks to tap into that customer awareness. Through role-play and coaching they will learn conversation starters to still continue with the RRSP season.


When They Don't Buy

How do we follow up with those customers, even the one that don't even buy now? Learn basic strategies and verbiage that they can use when they are in that situation of wanting to follow up on someone that has not bought.