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Developing the Skill of Listening

Help the team identify strategies that will help them be better listeners.
Materials: Handouts, Flip Chart, Markers, Coaching Notes
Time Needed: 27 Minutes


Customer Service

Looking at customers negative perceptions and how tellers and sales can turn those perceptions into providing great customer service.

Materials:  Flip chart & paper
Time Needed: 20 - 25 min

Introduction - (2 Minute)


Confidence Selling!

Give your team ideas on how to increase their confidence level in selling.

Introduction – (3 Minutes)


Clues and Cues You Can Use

Learn to spot unmet needs by brainstorming as a group to come up with Clues and Cues for our Products and Services.

aterials:  Flip Chart Paper, Markers, List of Products / Services.
Time Needed: 20 - 25 Minutes
SME 0503-01



Buying Cycle- Back to School

Review of the steps in the Buying Cycle and the importance of each segment.

Materials:                 Flip Chart Paper, Markers, Small prizes, scratch tickets or candies.
Time Needed:          20 - 25 Minutes
SME 0903-02