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Giving Money Away

Let the team know that today you want to spend a few minutes talking about how we can capitalize on an opportunity that appears to be taking the company backwards financially speaking.
Materials:                 Flip Chart and Markers
Time Needed:          18 Minutes


Your Body Talks

Help the team understand the communication of body language.

Topic:  Your Body Talks
Materials:  Small Rewards; a Basket for a Draw
Time Needed: 25 minutes
SME 0901-01

Introduction - (2 Minutes)


Winning On The Phone

Increase the sales teams confidence on the phone by having a plan, preparing a script and how to control the conversation.


Why Be Proactive

Reinforce to the team the need to be proactive with clients and not just “order-take”.
Materials:        Flip Chart, Coaching Notes
Time Needed:    25 Minutes


When Things are Slow

Objective of the Meeting: To help the team develop ideas to sell when times are slow.
Materials: Flip chart, markers, prizes, Coaching Notes