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Good Habits

In this meeting we will discuss habits everyone can make sure they are practicing to best set up the next step in the sale.
Materials:                 Flip Chart, Markers, Copies of Handout
Time Needed:          22 Minutes
SME 1005-02


Helping Language vs. Sales Language

Small differences in the words we choose have a big impact on how we sound and therefore the client's perception of us. Here we will look at "Helping Language" vs. "Selling Language".



in this meeting you are going to assist your team in being able to have specific plans and activities to hitting goals and targets for the branch.


Goal Setting for Result & Activity – Part 1

This 2 part meeting is designed to help managers work through a process of breaking down result based goals into manageable activities as well as to isolate the activities staff can engage in that will most likely meet with success.


Goal Setting for Result & Activity – Part 2

In Part 2 of Goal Setting, we will look at our established goals and turn them into measurable activities to be tracked.