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That's the Worst Service Ever!

With the group you are going to share some of the worst sales and service experiences they have had as a customer, review together how much better our company and people are than that.


Styles of Selling

Review and discussion with the team on the different approaches to selling, and which one is the most effective in discovering the customers problems to enable to provide the best service and products for solutions.



Seeing the benefits of telling stories in a sales presentation, how they can be effective and when is the appropriate time during a sales conversation to do so.

Topic:  Stories
Materials:  Flipchart, Markers
Time Needed: 22 Minutes
SME 0405-01


Service Fee Increase

Prepare the team in how best to deal with clients when service fees are being increased.

Time Needed:    26 Minutes
SME 1009-01

Introduction – (1 Minute)


Sales Skill Self Evaluation

A look at ways to improve as a sales professional. A sure sign of successful sales people is that they are always evaluating their strengths and weaknesses looking for opportunities to improve.We are going to review the sales skills that they are good at and the ones they need to work on.