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What Does That Mean?

Sometimes we get into a pattern of communication that leaves a lot to interpretation. In a group exercise we evaluate a list of words that can be the cause of "fuzzy language".



How can we make a product or service sound more inviting by using positive words?


Use Your Clues and Cues

In group activity, your team will learn effective sales conversations when they spot "clues" and "cues"
Materials:                Flip Chart Lists (from the last meeting).
Time Needed:         25 – 30 Minutes

Introduction ( 5 Minutes)


The Listening Quiz

With a "Listening Quiz" and discussion, you will have a look at the importance of listening in the sales process. Help them to find the best practice that works for them that they can use personally to help listen to their clients better.


The Invisible Obvious

Remind the team that some sales opportunities or techniques do not get engaged in
consistently even though they are obvious and effective. Help identify obvious sales techniques that are not being used consistently, that if used, would significantly impact results for the positive.