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Asking for a Decision

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Making "No" the Right Answer

It is so easy for people to say no, in this meeting we are going to work on how to make "No" the right answer.

Materials: Flip Chart Paper, Markers.

Time Needed: 20 - 25 Minutes

SME 0506-01

Introduction – ( 5 minutes )


I Feel So Rejected

Let's get an understanding of why we might not ask for the business 100% of the time and ideas of how to make it easier for the team.

Materials:  Flip chart , markers, and your lists from last meeting.
Time Needed: 25 - 40 Minutes
SME 1002-02


Gaining Commitment

How do we gain committment from our customers? Here we will look at the importance of Mental and Financial ownership to help make closing easier.


Why Ask for the Sale

Help your team see the importance of asking for the sale and understand why they are not asking for the sale (if that is the case) and share ideas on how to get better at asking.


Easy Ways to Avoid Objections

Give your team ideas on how to reduce the number of objections they get and increase the number of first time buyers.

Materials:  Flipchart, Markers
Time Needed: 28 Minutes

Introduction – (1 minute)