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My team has experience – they don't need more training!

Over the years we have seen many financial institutions fall into the trap of viewing sales training or skill development as an event rather than a process. Once someone has attended sales training they are good to go right?


Coaching - Product Dump, Order Taking & Process

Here are a few ideas on coaching a couple of ineffective styles of selling as well as people not following a process:

Style of Selling: Product Dump is an ineffective long term strategy to sell financial services products.


Coaching the Buying Cycle - Presentation & Building Added Value

Clearly explain how the product you have selected (based on a comprehensive interview) will benefit the client specifically.

Look Out For:

    Presentations that only mention features of products.



Coaching the Buying Cycle - Introduction & Interview

To set the sale up for the best possible results we need a strong greeting that sets the tone for the rest of the interaction.

    The goals of the first 30 seconds we meet a client should be to:


Coaching the Buying Cycle - Delivery, Follow Up & Finding New Business

Product Delivery
We want the relationship with the client to continue so we need to leave them with a solid lasting impression if we want to make our follow up that much more effective.