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Coaching the Buying Cycle - Presentation & Building Added Value

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Clearly explain how the product you have selected (based on a comprehensive interview) will benefit the client specifically.

Look Out For:

    Presentations that only mention features of products.


    Ask them to tell you what product features applied to a client specifically and how they communicated that.
    Review the difference between Features, Benefits and especially Personal Benefits.
    Make sure they know how by relating specific personal benefits to the client they will sound more like a service person and less like a sales person.
    Remind them that to convey a personal benefit they will have had to uncovered that information in the interview.

Building Added Value
Taking time in the presentation to build value in the company which will increase the perceived value the client has in the product you are offering thereby helping to counter rate sensitivity.

Look Out For:

    Presentations that do not include mention of how being a client of the company would benefit the person they are dealing with.
    Lots of rate objections which can mean they are not building value before introducing rate.


    Ask them to tell you what they did to build value in the company for the client.
    Review the list of things the company does to differentiate itself from the competition.
    Review how they can incorporate that information into their presentation.

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